Our team  of traders and consultants are some of the best educated and experienced in the world, at representative offices in Luxenburg, China and the US . We welcome you to contact us so we can make formal introductions to our account managers and better introduce our services.


Our business charter depicts our intentions and values of how we measure our achievements. It is by far, the most valued means of communication we hold in what we do, how we operate and what we stand for as a company. Our processes, goals and aims are structured around our charter as it our focal point of decision making. We look to employ those who are great at what they can already do and work with them so they can become exceptional. All of our employees exhibit our core company values of customer service, respect, integrity and communication.


To be Accountable

Our operations are carefully monitored and audited. We take responsibility for our own actions.


To be unceasing

Sustainability is a core part of our business; we ensure we are always putting at the forefront health and safety, environmental impact and the supporting of local communities.


To drive results

To look beyond our current efforts, set goals and stretch our capabilities.


To be honorable

To deliver when we say, and to perform to the level we claim.