We are a leading company in the metallurgical industry, having established prosperous growth across Europe; our work has cemented longevity in trust amongst our shareholders. Our operations have grown in accordance to our core beliefs, creating a reputable, sustainable and accountable company.


Being a producer of major metal commodities in Europe, we trade in a number of core materials including ferrous silicon, ferro manganese, ferro molybdenum, ferro vanadium, manganese metal in lumps, silico manganese, calcium silicon, silicon metal, base metals and a number of rare earth materials.


Our portfolio diversity has been instrumental in our growth at Hercules Commodities. Alongside our talented and committed staff, our strategy has remained unaltered in running an evergreen and expandable asset stream which has promoted success in our industry. We feel this diversity and commitment to our work is what separates us from our competitors.

In any business, we can never take our growth or our clients for granted.  Our day to day operations, though continue to grow, are carefully monitored and regulated by internal staff to conform to our creed of operation, but further assessed for ideas of improved efficiency. Work has already begun on nurturing our processes and helping them develop into ones which cater more for  the host community, have less environmental impact and work in cohesion with local development. We have, and will always look to make a positive contribution to those who reside by our operations and to wider society.


Herclues Comodities business strategy is to continue expanding its efforts in mettalurgic trading, both from a portfolio and geographical perspective. In order to make such strategy a reality, we are reliant on a workforce which reflects a broad range of talent, diversity and culture. Each member of staff is valued and rewarded for their efforts; our investment in people is what has been the crucial driving factor in our success.